Sports Broadcast

Redefine the fan experience with game-changing live video solutions that capture the heart of the sport.

HDR, 4K and 1080p at very low bit-rates

Support for true 4K60p and HDR with as low as 3Mbps. Live transmissions from anywhere, with latencies down to 0.5 seconds, even in a crowded stadium. Compact, portable, rugged transmitters that aggregate a variety of connections for the most reliable, highest picture quality transmission.

  • TVU Anywhere 移动终端APP及SDK

  • TVU One 直播背包

Drive engagement by making fans part of your show

Invite your audience to be a part of the show. Viewers’ mobile devices connect them to you in the studio, live and in high definition no matter where they are. Dynamic, unique ways to interact with fans.

Cost-effective remote TV studio production

Live, multi-camera at-home/REMI production over IP. Leverage your existing studio and equipment, no on-site crews or trucks necessary. Perfect synchronization of up to 6 cameras. HEVC and channel priority secure your program.

  • TVU RPS 5G远程制作系统

Game-changing cloud remote production

No hardware or software to install. An on-demand, cloud-based service. Simply cost-effective. Enhance the viewing experience with replays, slow motion and graphic overlays, including scoreboards, logos and clocks. Record highlights. One-click delivery to multiple platforms such as social media, CDNs and SDI.

Cost effective IP distribution from Anyone to Everyone

Full HD, sub-second latency live video distribution to any number of locations via IP, with support for HEVC/H.265. Scalable, regardless of distance. Instantly push content to other broadcasters globally.

  • TVU Grid IP调度分发系统

Capture the world’s most anticipated sporting events

TVU’s Global Rentals Program equips you with the latest live video solutions you need to cover all types of games around the globe. Use TVU One, TVU Remote Production System (RPS) and more to move seamlessly from transmission to production to distribution.

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