Go Live Remotely

To inform the public during these uncertain times while keeping your team safe, we provide freeAC of charge our professional live video broadcast and distribution tools until at least April 31st.

Free Services

  • TVU Anywhere app, to transmit simultaneously to SDI and digital, broadcast-quality live video using 3G/4G-LTE/Wi-Fi aggregation.
  • TVU Grid to access our high-quality , low-latency pool feed from hundreds of broadcasters and news agencies.
  • TVU Producer for cloud-based professional multi-camera live production.

Services accessible for free whether you have TVU equipment or not. We offer cloud or physical receiver when needed. 

24/7 Support

Fill out the form and we will reach out to you to complete your setup remotely.

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  • News anchoring from your home

    Move your on-air anchor duties to their home studio. TVU Anywhere HEVC app offers Full-HD live video transmissions, aggregating cellular connections and WiFi, with 0.5sec latency, bi-directional IFB and Teleprompter. Your news anchors will present remotely as if they were at the real studio. You can also use the app. to interview people within quarantine area.
    TVU Anywhere
  • High-quality, low-latency pool feed access

    Cover important updates from officials remotely by using TVU Grid, giving you access to local pool feeds in which hundreds of news broadcaster and officials share timely video feed and information live. The Grid feeds can then be distributed live to TV, web and social media platforms for viewing.
    TVU One
  • Engage fans remotely

    Bring fans to your live show from their home using their smartphones with impeccable live streaming quality. Switch between unlimited participants interacting between themselves and your show, all within your control. Fans use a QR code to pair their mobile device and you activate, deactivate or set a time period of validity for accounts.